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Over 40 years of excellence and specialisation

CMT Srl was founded in 1976, inheriting a unique background of technology and general knowledge in the field of warm air heaters and thermoventilation devices that its founders brought from previous business and professional experience dating back to the 1950s.

Our background of technology and experience has been expressed through new products and technological innovations that represent points of reference in the field of direct exchange heating appliances.

CMT is today an innovative and dynamic organisation with a presence in over 40 countries, within an extensive international network of relations and trade partnerships.

Why choose CMT Clima

High industry specialisation
We design and produce direct-exchange warm air heaters for all application sectors, from climate comfort to industrial processes.

Technology and quality
Continuous research and development activity aimed at identifying the maximum output achievable with minimal environmental impact.

Design and production flexibility
Our approach is oriented towards maximum "strategic" interaction with the customer and high product customisation.

Reliable interlocutors that translate needs into advanced solutions. 30,000 units installed in over 40 countries.

Beyond the products: our services

CMT is a dynamic company, which, in addition to a wide range of heating solutions, also offers a focused pre-sales consultancy service to best meet the various needs:

CMT Service: CMT is there to support the customer even after purchase, promptly providing original spare parts.

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